Consultations & Workshops

As an EMDR therapist and Mindfulness facilitator, Ashley is devoted to cultivating communities that are inclusive to humans of all races, cultures, abilities, sexual orientations, bodies, and gender identities.

Ashley is also committed to connecting individuals to others through exploring nature and learning about somatic therapies. Her mindfulness and self-care workshops are grounded in evidence-based practices that can transform a person’s quality of life and professional journey. 

Holding space to do this work means small businesses and organizations can develop more inclusive environments for their employees and their communities.

Benefits to bringing Ashley to speak:

  • Creating Inclusive & Affirming Spaces
  • Developing Cultural Humility
  • Increased Productivity and Reduction in Expressed Burnout
  • Psychoeducation on Grounding Techniques and Meditations
  • Exploring Discussions around Power and Privilege

For organizations looking to have impactful conversations to create inclusive and affirming spaces.

Pricing is based on size of organization and specific needs:

* Individual consultation price is negotiable. 

Starting price for organizations

2 hours:

$400 – 10 people or less

4 hours:

$800 – 10 people or less

7 hours + 1 hour lunch:

$1200 – 10 people or less

Price is negotiable for larger organizations, consultation contracts, and for nonprofit organizations.  

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